Are you trying to figure out which customers to target with your adwords campaigns? Are you stuck on deciding which keywords will get the best response? If so, I know a great website that can answer these common questions and concerns and more. It’s called This is a site that some of our partners are using and they’re having a lot of success with

What is it exactly? To put it simply, it’s a daily keyword tracker. Choose any word or phrase to type into the search, and this website will tell you exactly how many times that word or phrase was searched that day through Google. How much easier can it get? It is free to use! There is no registration process! It’s basically available for use anytime you need it!

Keyword Wordtracker is a free tool that allows you to enter keywords and to find out the top 100 related searches to that keyword. The value of this is that you can take keywords and phrases related to your particular topic of interest, expert knowledge or general article ideas and see if anyone else is searching for those key terms and also how many people are searching for those key terms. Thus, if you come up with a keyword that thousands of people a day are searching for then you have a higher chance of people coming across your article. If you keep coming up with keywords for which few people search then you might have to think more carefully about how you target the article. You might want to target special interest groups and perhaps include keywords related to those special interest groups into your article. You can find this free resource here:

Free Word Suggestion Tool

If you don’t come up with keywords that you feel are helpful then put in another related word. Alternatively, if you come up with too many words you can click on another word in the list provided and search on that term. In the screen shot examples I entered the keywords ‘mobile phones’ and this generated a list of popularly searched terms which seemed too vague to give focused ideas

I then clicked on ‘cheap mobile phones’ which generated the next list. From this I can see that ‘cheap unlocked mobile phones’ with 96 estimated searches per day is a popular search term. If I’m an expert on mobile phones (I’m not) then I could write an article or series of articles related to the topic of ‘cheap unlocked mobile phones.’

We now have a writing topic that will generate better search engine results. The next thing to do is to put the key phrase into the title templates. This will create a theme for the article and will thus direct the content and writing style of the article.

The title templates (or swipe files as some people call them) are tried and tested copywriting headlines, many of them decades old. However, they still work and prove very effective in stimulating interest and getting people to read the first paragraph of what you write. If that first paragraph is a good one then you have a good chance of people continuing to read through the article. You can check out many title templates at Copyblogger: 10-sure-fire-headline-formulas-that-work

Here is an example of a template that could work well.

Simply insert the keyword or key phrase into the blank space. In this case we get a title of ‘What everybody ought to know about cheap unlocked mobile phones‘ The title dictates the nature of the article, in this case giving key knowledge about cheap unlocked mobile phones.

An alternative headline taken from the templates could be ‘Here is a method that is helping people on a tight budget to get cheap unlocked mobile phones‘ This would give a different slant and would focus on saving money and getting good value as well as giving buying advice.

It’s as simple as that. This process has created an interesting headline for a topic that receives 96 hits a day in the search engines.