How to Earn Money in blogs

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How To Earn Money in Blogs

The process of making money thru blogging is just simple. All you need to do is a bit of perseverance, a bit of patience and bright idea.
I. Open your Internet explorer or Mozilla FireFox. Then sign-up for your own blog at You need an idea to start with, write an idea to publish via your very own blog. There are processes on signing up for
Just follow these easy steps.

1. Make a title for your blog.
2. Choose your template (there are many pre arrange templates from that you can choose from)
3. You can start writing for your blog. You can also attach pictures, videos, flash games or anything you like to create with your blog, it really depends on you.
4) Publish your blog
5) Now you can view your blog.
6) You can edit your widgets, fonts and everything. just keep in mind that you wont be earning at this moment. You need to sign up for so that you'll be able to provide advertising for your site.

II. Open your Internet explorer browser or Mozilla FireFox. After which, go to and sign-up. You also need to inform google AdSense where you will be putting their advertisements. Example, meaning google needs to see your site before they will allow you to use their AdSense program. Take note and this is very important, you need to use your real name, address in signing AdSense, for they will be using this as their data for them be be able to pay you. After you successfully signed-up, wait at least 2 days for approval, if approve (usually its approved just don't violate their TOS) then that's the time you can paste or use AdSense for your blog.
III. Check your blog, then you will see at the upper page the "customize" link. Click this then edit the layout of your blog. You don't have to worry a thing, this is very easy. In the "Page Element" tab, click the "add a page element" link then select the AdSense widget. Log-in (Use the email address you provided upon signing-up with google AdSense) and choose an ad design, size or style that you seem deem appropriate for your blog. You can now see your blog with a google AdSense. Good Luck


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