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I have noticed , that there are a considerable amount of people who have been looking for sites that would make you earn money . That is why i will be posting some sites that may help you , I am a member myself and would like to share my wonderful experience with you guys and gals .I would really appreciate if you would spare a little time reading my posts , thanks in advance!!!
I have been sick of being scammed by blogs, affiliate sites and ptc which are false and doesn't pay . We cannot get rich overnight through internet, if someone says so then he is making you a fool. Never pay for any site which wants fees for giving you work.Keep your mind and eyes wide open.

These are just a few online business that im doing:

Direct Flat-Rate Advertising
This way certainly eliminates the element of clicking. But the main disadvantage of this advertising is the amount of efforts needed, if you are not so much popular. And there is certain limit on income also. You can’t convert your increasing traffic into increasing income, unless you increase ad-spot price on your site.

This also includes paid links. But you have to be careful here. You can be punished by Google, if you put direct links to non-related sites. Punishment generally includes lowered PageRank and decrease in the rank at Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

CPM ads
This type of ad is very comfortable, if you have high traffic site. The key factor also includes origin of traffic, that is, from where you are getting traffic. Most of the advertisers prefer USA, Canada and European countries.
Affiliate marketing is the term used to describe a revenue-sharing plan where an online automated marketing program lets Webmasters place an advertiser's banner ads or buttons on their own Web site. Webmasters will receive a referral fee or commission from conversions when a customer has clicked the affiliate link and performs the desired action, such as make a purchase or opt-in for downloads or newsletters on the advertiser's site. Advertisers invest in affiliate programs for lead generation, and, of course, sales.
Getting Started: Know The LingoIf you're in affiliate marketing, here's a quick reference of some of the more common terms used in conjunction with affiliate marketing. By familiarizing yourself with the terminology you'll be better able to understand the affiliate agreement, how different programs work, and how you can earn money. Below you'll find direct links to common affiliate marketing terms from
Types of Affiliate Programs
Affiliate for Social Networks
Dating Gold- The DatingGold affiliate network allows you to earn lifetime residual income promoting a variety of dating related web sites including AmateurMatch, BeeMatch, DateMatch,, WebCamClub and thers.

Affiliate for Adult Pay sites

This has been the gold mine for me so far. its e-whoring in a way that you acted like whore enticing clients particularly those from the chatrooms.

affiliate sites like epiccash and xrated bucks would be a good start.

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