Keywords, what are they and what are keywords going to do for you? A keyword is basically a word that someone uses to search for products and information on the Internet. Keywords make it possible for you to market your products on the web. There are many different ways to do keyword research. There are also a multitude of keyword research tools out there. There are a lot of good free keyword tools out there and there also better ones that you can buy. The free ones will give you a list of keywords some will give you competition and search volume. The keyword tools you buy will do a lot more for you but you can get by with the free ones for a while.

So how do keywords work? Say you want to find out some information on dog training. You type dog training into the search bar of your favorite search engine and hit submit and you will have hundreds or thousands of pages come up on dog training. Remember this as a marketer, most people will go through no more than 2 pages of search results. There could be a real gem 4, 5, or 10 pages back but the webmaster did not know what he was doing and didn't optimize his pages properly for the keywords he was targeting. If he was targeting dog training and optimized his pages for that keyword he will never even get close to the first or second page because that keyword is to broad. If he was targeting a word such as field training Labrador Retrievers he would stand a much better chance of getting on page 1 or 2.

That word may even be to broad. Your goal is to get in the #1 spot of Google. 75% of all web searches go through Google so you want to get indexed there as high in the results as you can. I don't submit to any search engines. I used to do it and you may finally get in 5 or 6 months later. I can get a site indexed by Google within a few days with good keyword optimization and good relevant content. Keyword research may sound hard but it isn't! Practice makes perfect and remember: Google is your friend!

Keyword research and optimization isn't very difficult to master. There is more to keyword research than what we could go over in this article. Make sure you pick the right keywords and use them in your pages and make your content and keywords relevant and you should be OK. If keyword research is giving you fits check out this blog post Keywords - Good Keyword Research Is A Must!. If you are looking for great information on keyword research and how to be a better Internet Marketer check out My Internet Marketing Strategies today!


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